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Student Scholarship Program (Summer)

Every summer, we award one or more medical students who have just completed their second year of medical school, with a $8,000.00 scholarship to spend the summer furthering their education in ophthalmic medicine, surgery and research.

The program consists of education and research experience in the diagnosis and management of eye disease. It is conducted at the Eye Associates with portions at various University of Toronto teaching hospitals, encompassing all sub-specialty areas in ophthalmology. Each student will become involved in at least one research project that is supported by the Foundation.

To date there have been 50 EFC Summer scholars since we began the program in 1991, two thirds of whom have gone on to careers in Ophthalmology.

Past summer scholars include:

  • T. Mark Johnson Western University 1992
  • Iqbal Ahmed University of Toronto 1993
  • Michael Mills Western University 1994
  • Rose Bilotta University of Toronto 1995
  • Kevin Leung University of Toronto 1995
  • Joseph Ma University of Toronto 1996
  • Mark Chandra Queens University 1997
  • Garrett Kovarik University of Ottawa 1997
  • Hadi Hani University of Toronto 1998
  • Hyoung Lho University of Toronto 1999
  • Sanraj Bassi University of Saskatchewan 2000
  • David Albiani Queens University 2000
  • Edward Wong Western University 2001
  • Jason D. Blair Queens University
  • Yi Ning Strube Queens University
  • Clara Chan Queens University
  • Kamrouz Kassiri U of Manitoba
  • Sylvia Chen McGill University
  • Azien Safarpour U of Ottawa
  • William Dubinski Queens University
  • Keyvan Koushan University of Toronto
  • Steven Schendel University of Alberta
  • King Chow Western University
  • Dominik Podbielski University of Toronto
  • Silvia Odorcic University of Toronto
  • Alec Yarascavitch McMaster University
  • Matthew R. Lincoln University of Toronto
  • Kim Le University of Toronto
  • Paul Bastinanelli McGill University
  • Jonathan Micieli McGill University
  • Syed Yaser Habeeb Queens University 2010
  • Stephan Ong Tone McGill University
  • Richard Norman University of Toronto 2012
    Eastern Division 2012
  • Parampal Grewal University of British Columbia 2012
    Western Division 2012
  • Henry Fung University of Toronto
    Eastern Division 2013
  • Irfan Kherani University of Alberta
    Western Division 2013
  • Thomas Berk University of Toronto
    Eastern Division 2014
  • Maya Tong University of British Columbia    Western Division 2014
  • Aaron Chan University of Toronto      Eastern Division 2015
  • Pauline Sawicki University of Toronto                                      Western Division 2015
  • Harry Dang University of Ottawa 2016
  • Daniel Li University of Toronto 2016 
  • Tina Felfeli University of Toronto 2017
  • Harrish Nithianandan University of Ottawa 2017
  • Austin Pereira University of Toronto 2018
  • Carter Lim University of Ottawa 2018
  • Albert Hu University of Alberta 2019
  • Mark Lukewich University of Toronto 2019
  • Yusuf Ahmed University of Toronto 2020
  • Yuri Chaban University of Toronto 2020
  • Rishi Gupta University of Ottawa 2021
  • Dylan Whitney University of Alberta 2021

We are currently accepting applications.
Application deadline: February 4th, 2022

 Due to Covid 19 there may be limited access to hospitals for the 2022 program.

We ask that applicants write to us expressing their interest and include their
Curriculum Vitae and the dates of their availability for the summer of 2022.

We expect that prospective students would be available for at least
8 –10 weeks during the summer of 2022.

The Eye Foundation of Canada
2115 Finch Avenue West, Suite 314
Toronto, Ontario M3N 2V6

For more information please call us (416) 743-9046
or email us.

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