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About Us

The Eye Foundation of Canada is an independent not for profit organization headed by eye care professionals, members of the corporate community and patients who are committed to helping Canadians maintain and regain their sense of sight.

By protecting the eye sight of individuals and effectively treating the impact of accidents and disease and by attacking the issue of ocular health through public awareness, education and future ophthalmologist and funding research, we believe that we can accomplish this goal.

The Eye Foundation of Canada is an independent, nonprofit organization established in 1990 (as the Toronto Eye Foundation) by a group of committed eye care specialists and patients to promote the preservation, enhancement and restoration of sight through research, education and the improvement of patient care.

Through the ongoing efforts of our dedicated volunteers and the financial support of individuals and good corporate citizens, we are able to provide the programs and services essential in the fight against the deterioration of eyesight. We all depend on our eyes to guide us through life. We take sight for granted, rarely giving it a thought, but many are finding that a vision problem is a serious disability.

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