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Welcome to The Eye Foundation of Canada – Online

The Eye Foundation of Canada is an independent not for profit organization headed by eye care professionals, members of the corporate community and patients who are committed to helping Canadians maintain and regain their sense of sight.

Our Summer Scholarship Program

The Eye Foundation of Canada is committed to educating and training the very best and brightest medical students early in their careers. The Summer Scholarship Program, started in 1991, provides scholarships to a few promising students, encouraging them to pursue a career in ophthalmology, a field that requires dedication and prolonged training.

Improved Patient Care

Another objective of the Eye Foundation of Canada is improved patient care through research. The Eye Foundation of Canada has sponsored a number of clinical studies in cataract surgery, glaucoma and corneal transplantation and will continue to support research in ophthalmology, and work to engage our students in sponsored research projects to enhance their education, show them leadership models, and advance the science of ophthalmology, leading to better patient outcomes.

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