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Achievements of the iSBCS

Founding members of iSBCS, Sept. 14, 2009, Barcelona (L to R):
Javier Goas Iglesias De Ussel, David Pérez Silguero, Charles Claoué, John Bolger, Steve Arshinoff, Ramón Foa Henriquez De La Fé, Miguel Ángel Pérez Silguero (Absent: Björn Johansson, Johann Kruger).

Founding Executive:
President: Steve Arshinoff,
President  Elect: Charles Claoué
Secretary-Treasurer: John Bolger

Achievements of the International Society of Bilateral Cataract Surgeons

1. Annual Meetings of iSBCS at ESCRS 2018 – 2020
2. ISBCS Terminology clarification 2008
3. General Principles for Excellence in ISBCS 2009
4. Clarification of advantages and risks of ISBCS 2008 – 2020
5. Monitor Global ISBCS issues & complications 2008 – 2020
6. Clarification of global monetary issues 2008 – 2020
7. ISBCS successfully defended in debate at ASCRS by S. Arshinoff 2014
8. ISBCS successfully defended in debate at ESCRS by S. Arshinoff 2014
9. Formal Recognition of ISBCS as safe and effective by Government of Spain 2010
10. Spanish Ophthalmology Society voted to include ISBCS into the protocols of the Spanish Ophthalmology Society as an effective alternative in cataract surgery. 2020
11. Infection in ISBCS study 2011
12. Mutual assistance and cooperation 2008 – 2020
13. ISBCS Course presentations (ASCRS, ESCRS) 2005 – 2018
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