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The Eye Foundation of Canada is focused on improving patient care through research. The Eye Foundation of Canada has sponsored a number of clinical studies in cataract surgery and corneal transplantation and will continue to support research grants from all areas in the field of ophthalmology.

The Eye Foundation of Canada will consider grant proposals up to $10,000. Please see guidelines below if you are interested in applying.

Research Project Grant Proposal Submission Guidelines

Grant proposals submitted to the Eye Foundation of Canada should not exceed 2 pages in length and should provide the following minimum information.

  1. Briefly state the purpose and scope of the project, in clear terms, preceding a detailed technical and scientific explanation.
  2. Include the location of where the study will be  conducted.
  3. State the expected outcome and the criteria to measure its success.
  4. Describe the person responsible for the project, their academic and personal qualifications. 
  5. Include the intention to publish, in which Journal(s) and/or present at academic meetings.
  6. Approximate start and completion dates of the project (24 month suggested maximum).
  7. An estimated project budget broken down by category that should not exceed $10,000.
  8. Attach supporting documents to assist us in our decision.
  9. Proposals must be received no later than March 1st.
  10. Grant decisions will be made no later than April 15th annually.

Please send your proposal(s) to:

Grant Proposals, Medical Advisory Committee
Eye Foundation of Canada
2115 Finch Avenue West, Suite 314
Toronto, Ontario M3N 2V6

or via our online form, located below.

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